Last Updated: 2/25/2018
Only $799.99 for Drive: SATA II External I/O: 3Gbps eSATA/Firewire 800/USB2 RAID Levels: RAID level 0 1 10 1E 3 5 6 Single Disk or JBOD 3.5' Drive Bays: 8 Features: 400MHz storage I/O processor NVRAM for events log & transaction log 128MB on-board cache memory Write-through or write-back cache support Redundant flash image for subsystem availability Multiple RAID selection Online array roaming Offline RAID set Online RAID level/stripe size migration Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously Online dynamic volume set Parts: 3 years limited Labor: 3 years limited. SKU N82E16816151065 in the Server - RAID Sub-Systems category.
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