Last Updated: 2/25/2018
Only $3799.99 for Drive: SATA 150 & 300 External I/O: 2 x Ultra 320 SCSI Cache: Shared 256MB predictive data cache (max. to 1GB); Automatic write cache destaging; 72-hour battery backup included (for 256MB) RAID Levels: RAID 0 1 1E 5 6 10 50 Hot-spares: Multiple global or dedicated hot-spare drives with revertible option Max LUNs per subsystem: 256 in any combination of RAID levels and array types Max LUNs per array: 32 logical drives (LUNs); Supports LUN Carving by allowing an array to be divided into multiple logical drives; RAID level stripe size sector size and cache policy can be configured per LUN OS Supported: Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows XP Linux (Red Hat SuSE) Macintosh OS X Solaris. SKU N82E16816102110 in the Server - RAID Sub-Systems category.
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