Last Updated: 2/23/2018
Only $29.99 for Antec took years of experience and knowledge in building world-class power supplies and went back to the Basiq. The Antec Basiq BP350 power supply delivers dual +12V outputs for maximum stable power for your CPU independently of other peripherals. A single well-place 80 mm fan keeps things cool. The built-in industrial-grade protection circuitry shields it from power and voltage surges. One main connector (20 + 4 pin) one 12V (4 pin) one SATA one floppy and four Molex peripheral connectors are more than enough for all your components. The Antec Basiq BP350's universal connector fits most branded motherboards and it fully supports a wide range of boards and CPUs. The Antec Basiq BP350 does the job simply efficiently and reliably built to satisfy the demands of the entry-level power user or the budget minded system builder. Fans: 1 x 80mm low noise cooling fan Main Connector: 20+4Pin +12V Rails: 2 PCI-Express Connector: No SATA Power Connector: 1 Over Voltage Protection: Yes Input Voltage: 115/ 230 V Input Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz. SKU N82E16817371003 in the Power Supplies category.
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