Last Updated: 2/18/2018
Only $19.99 for Internal Connectors: 2 x ATA 133 Transfer Rate: 133MB/sec Operating Systems Supported: PC computer with one 32-bit PCI slot IDE device MS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/NT 4.0 DOS Features: PCI Specification Revision 2.2 compliant ATA/ATAPI-6 UDMA6 ATA/133 compliant Automatic performance tuning for each device attached Fully backwards compatible with ATA/100 ATA/66 ATA/33 EIDE/Fast ATA-2 IDE and ATAPI devices 2-channel IDE interface supporting 4 IDE devices co-exist with on-board IDE interface Supported Hard Disk Drives ATAPI CDROM DVD ROM CD-R Package Contents: SD-ATA/133R Driver Disk IDE/PATA Cable. SKU N82E16815124001 in the Hard Drive Controllers / RAID Cards category.
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