Last Updated: 2/23/2018
Only $39.99 for Internal Connectors: 2 x SATA 150 Transfer Rate: up to 150 MB/s (1.5Gb/s) Operating Systems Supported: Windows 98SE/NT4.0/ME/2000/XP (32-/64-bit)/Server 2003 (32-/64-bit)/Vista (32-/64-bit) Features: Supports two Serial ATA hard disk drives with high-speed data transfer rates up to 150MB/sec The thin flexible Serial ATA cable is easier to route inside a PC Breaks the 137GB barrier! Supports various brands of large capacity Serial ATA hard disk drives RoHS compliant Parts: 1 year limited. SKU N82E16816150021 in the Hard Drive Controllers / RAID Cards category.
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