Last Updated: 2/25/2018
Only $9.99 for Zalman's STG1 is an easy to apply compound that increases the thermal efficiency of your computer's CPU cooling system by eliminating the miniscule air gaps between the processor and the heat sink. Instead of messy squeeze tubes STG1 comes in a bottle with a handy in-cap brush. Application is a simple process. Remove the heat sink brush the STG1 onto the heat sink re-attach the heat sink. It conducts heat away from sensitive components and improves the efficiency of your cooling system. Keep things cool and functioning under the hottest action! Specifications: Type : Non-curing compound Capacity : 3.5g Specific Gravity : 2.86 Temperature Stability : -45°C to 150°C (-49°F to 302°F) Thermal Conductivity : 4W/mK Features: 1. Best Performance Zalman’s Super Thermal Grease (STG) maximizes heat transfer by eliminating the minute air gap between the heat source and the heat sink caused by their irregular surfaces. 2. Ease of use The brush attached to the bottle enables easy application and also prevents unnecessary Parts: 1 year Labor: 1 year. SKU N82E16835118010 in the CPU Thermal Paste / Grease category.
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