Last Updated: 2/24/2018
Only $9.99 for Nothing conducts heat like metal and Antec's Silver Thermal Compound has lots of it. It's 99.9% pure micronized silver and 88% silver content by weight for excellent heat conductivity. The handy syringe applicator makes using it neat and easy. Antec's Silver Thermal Compound conducts heat away from sensitive components and improves the efficiency of your cooling system. Keep things cool and functioning under the hottest action! Specifications: Extended temperature limits: -60 C to 170 C Thermal Conductivity: 8.2 W/m K Thermal Resistance: 0.0022 C/W Features: Made with 99% pure micronized silver 75% to 80% silver content by weight Parts: 1 year limited Labor: 1 year limited. SKU N82E16835129001 in the CPU Thermal Paste / Grease category.
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