Last Updated: 3/20/2018
Only $32.72 for Keep Intel based system cool with the CF800 from ZEROtherm. The 92mm fan sits on top of a heat sink with 4 nickel plated copper heatpipes and 2 360cm² of aluminum cooling fins. This gives you 130W of cooling power enough to let you game to your heart's content and not worry about heat issues. The screw-down mounting system ensures solid contact with the CPU. It also means that you don't have to worry about it popping off when you've got your speakers cranked and everything is vibrating. The horizontal fan mount lets the cooler work even more efficiently with newer cases that have dedicated ducts to the outside to bring in cool air. An integrated temperature sensor controls the fan motor and keeps it running between 800 and 2300rpm usually staying under 1500rpm for an extremely quiet setup. The optimized fin design and custom housing direct airflow for maximum cooling and minimal noise. Type: Fan & Heatsinks RPM: 800-2300±10% RPM ( Automatic fan speed control by Temp. sensor ) Air Flow: Max. 42.8 CFM Noise Level: Max 27 dBA normally under 18 dBA Power Connector: 4 Pin Color: Transparent Heatsink Material: Fin: Aluminum Base: Copper Heatpipe: Copper Compatibility: LGA 775. SKU N82E16835887005 in the CPU Cooling category.
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