Last Updated: 3/21/2018
Only $45.99 for As CPU processing power increases so does the need to remove the damaging heat that increased power generates. Nowhere is this more truer than with overclocked processors which operate beyond their original specifications. The last thing a computer enthusiast wants when designing their machine is to cap it off with an ugly cooler. Thermaltake's CL-P0369 Max Orb brings the highest efficiency cooling to computer enthusiasts  and does it with style. The heart of the patented design is a 120mm fan that sits at the middle of a radial array of cooling fins moving 86.5 CFM at its top speed of 2 000RPM. Heat is drawn to the fans from the copper base through six heatpipes which cover the entire width of the base and swiftly distribute heat evenly for maximum dissipation. The open form of the fins allows increased airflow into the fan. A VR Fan Speed Control on the unit allows the fan to be adjusted for optimal performance at noise levels between 16 and 24dBA. Blue LED's within the fan further add to the styling making the Max Orb a thing of beauty. Type: Fan & Heatsinks RPM: 1300 - 2000RPM Air Flow: 86.5 CFM Noise Level: 16 - 24 dBA Power Connector: 3 Pin Color: Transparent Heatsink Material: Copper Base & Aluminum Fin Compatibility: Intel: Core 2 Extreme (socket LGA775) Core 2 Quad (socket LGA775) Core 2 Duo (socket LGA775) Pentium D (socket LGA775) Pentium 4 (socket LGA775) Pentium (socket LGA775) Celeron D (socket LGA775) Celeron (socket LGA775) AMD: Athlon 64 FX (socket AM2 / 939) Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core (socket AM2 / 939) Athlon 64 (socket AM2 / 939 / 754) Sempron(socket AM2 / 754). SKU N82E16835106103 in the CPU Cooling category.
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