Last Updated: 2/25/2018
Only $29.99 for As computer processing advances so does the heat generated by the CPUs - and the need to cool them. Part of Thermaltake's 'Thermal Maximum Grade' family of CPU coolers the CL-P0372 TMG i2 exemplifies this tradition with a system designed to reduce noise while moving over 35CFM of cooling air. The frameless 92mm fan is has a unique blade design to reduce backpressure and noise. The Enter Bearing design allows extra lubricating oil capacity to prolong fan life and ensure continued noise levels below 16dBA at its maximum 2500RPM. PWM functionality allows the system BIOS to adjust the fan for lower noise levels depending on they system's thermal needs. The anti-vibration design also prevents damage to the CPU caused by prolonged excessive motion. Heat is drawn up to the cooling fins from the base by four heat pipes. This raised design also prevents 'component conflict' between the cooler and items on the motherboard. The TMG i2 installs easily without tools onto the motherboard without requiring its removal and it is compatible with Intel socket LGA775 Core2 Pentium and Celeron series CPUs Series: TMG i2 Type: Fan & Heatsinks RPM: 300 - 2500RPM ( PWM ) Air Flow: 35.14 CFM Noise Level: 16 dBA Power Connector: 4-Pin PWM function Color: Black Heatsink Material: Copper Base Aluminum Fin. SKU N82E16835106087 in the CPU Cooling category.
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