Last Updated: 3/18/2018
Only $19.09 for As CPU processing power increases so does the need to remove the damaging heat that increased power generates. This is especially true in servers and other systems with compact cases where space is at a premium and airflow isn't always sufficient. Thermaltake's CL-P0089 is designed to cool Pentium 4 socket 478 in 1U size cases. The 60mm fan spins on ball bearings and moves 8.6 CFM of air at 5400RPM. The large copper base comes with Dow Corning SC-102 Thermal Interface Material for convenience and to ensure an optimal thermal connection. Copper dissipation fins attached to the base draw damaging heat away from the CPU for stable processing and protection of your computing investment. The CL-P0098 installs quickly and easily onto the fan bracket on the motherboard without tools or requiring removal of the motherboard. With lateral dimensions barely larger than the fan and an overall height barely over 1' (29mm) the cooler can fit into even the tightest spots within the system. Type: Fan & Heatsinks RPM: 5400 ±10% RPM Air Flow: 8.6 CFM Noise Level: 49 dBA Power Connector: 3 Pin Color: Black Heatsink Material: Copper fins soldered to large copper base Compatibility: Intel P4 478 1U. SKU N82E16835106097 in the CPU Cooling category.
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