Last Updated: 3/19/2018
Only $43.99 for Just as thereís no such thing as too much power thereís no such thing as too much cooling. Thermaltake brings high-powered cooling to AMD and Intel users with the CLP0527 MeOrb the latest in their Orb family of CPU coolers. Its radial design provides maximum cooling with 161 aluminum fins arrayed around a 92mm sleeve bearing 1 700RPM fan. Heat is drawn to the fan from the copper base through two copper heatpipes which swiftly distribute heat evenly for maximum dissipation. PWM functionality allows the system BIOS to adjust the fan for lower noise levels depending on they systemís thermal needs. This compact cooler stands less than 47mm tall to fit into tighter spots. Weighing only 258 grams takes weight stress off of the motherboard. The mounting kit is designed to allow the MeOrb to easily attach to a wide variety of Intel LGA775 processors as well as AMD CPUs using the AM2+ AM2 939 754 sockets. Type: Fan & Heatsinks RPM: 800 ~ 1700RPM Air Flow: 38.9 CFM Noise Level: 16 dBA Power Connector: 4 Pin Heatsink Material: Aluminum & Copper Compatibility: Intel Core 2 Extreme (Socket LGA775) Intel Core 2 Quad (Socket LGA775) Intel Core 2 Duo (Socket LGA775) Intel Pentium D (Socket LGA775) Intel Pentium 4 (Socket LGA 775) Intel Celeron D (Socket LGA775) Intel Celeron (Socket LGA775) AMD Phenom (Socket AM2+) AMD Athlon 64 FX (Socket AM2/939) AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core (Socket AM2/939) AMD Athlon 64 (Socket AM2/939/754) AMD Sempron Fan Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 20 mm. SKU N82E16835106137 in the CPU Cooling category.
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