Last Updated: 3/19/2018
Only $13.97 for While any computer system generates heat faster higher powered systems generate greater amounts of damaging heat that can degrade performance cause shutdowns and even destroy the CPU. StarTech's FAN775E heatsink and fan combination brings best-in-pricepoint cooling specifically for the Intel Socket 775 family of CPUs including Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad processors. Its large 95mm fan circulates up to 50CFM of air at a noise level of under 22.2dBA. The 2600RPM fan spins on ever-lubricating bearings for long life and reliable service. A large aluminum heatsink accompanies the fan. It draws damaging heat away from the CPU to be dissipated by the fins. The FAN775E installs quickly and easily without tools and is compatible with Intel Socket T/775 Core 2 Q6600 & QX6700 CPUs as well as all models of the Core 2 Duo. Also supported are Pentium Extreme 840-965 Pentium D 805-840/915-960 Pentium 4 505-570J and 620-672 CPUs and Pentium 4 Extreme chips up to 3.73 GHz. Type: Fan & Heatsinks RPM: 2600 ±10% RPM (Add Heatsink to fan): 2800 ±10% RPM Air Flow: 49.37 CFM Noise Level:. SKU N82E16835230011 in the CPU Cooling category.
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