Last Updated: 2/24/2018
Only $19.98 for Silverstone's NT07-AM2 is designed to be a universal cooling solution for AMD AM2 processors in HTCP and slim-type chassis. The NT07-AM2 has features normally reserved for more expensive coolers. Full Aluminum base and high-density fins as well as an 80mm fan provide optimal heat dissipation performance. This already low noise level can be lessened during periods of low heat generation automatically by using the integrated PWM functionality which lets the BIOS monitor fan performance and thermal need and adjust the fan's speed accordingly. At just 37mm high Silverstone's NT07-AM2 eliminates your worries about using a mini-sized PC Case. Type: Fan & Heatsinks RPM: 1500-2500RPM ± 10% Air Flow: 14.22-26.97 CFM Noise Level: 15-25 dBA Heatsink Material: Aluminum Compatibility: Socket AM2 Fan Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 16mm Heatsink Dimensions: 106 x 20.5 x 80mm. SKU N82E16835220030 in the CPU Cooling category.
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