Last Updated: 2/21/2018
Only $69.99 for When space is a consideration for your next PC nothing competes with the Lian Li PC-Q07. This compact case is made specifically for mini-ITX motherboards which are some of the smallest form factors in the industry. Despite the economical dimensions the PC-Q07 still fits standard sized parts. You can create the compact PC of your dreams with a full-sized optical drive 3.5-inch HDD and ATX PSU. The innovative cooling design for the PC-Q07 makes case fans unnecessary. Perforations in the panels vent hot air to keep heat from building up and slowing down your system. If your PSU has a 120mm fan you can mount the power supply facing the CPU to aid in cooling. Mount the PSU the other way and cool the power supply with fresh air. The choice is yours! Silent performance is important to Lian Li and it shows with the PC-Q07. The chassis is built with 1.5mm-thick aluminum alloy to minimize vibration. The side panel is secured by screws to increase the stability of the case. Finally HDDs are mounted with anti-vibration grommets that keep the hard disk drive from shaking the case when it spins up. For all of your silent and compact computer needs buy the Lian Li PC-Q07 today! With Power Supply: No External 5.25' Drive Bays: 1 Internal 3.5' Drive Bays: 1 ( Plus 1 x 2.5' HDD/SSD) Front Ports: USB2 x 2 Motherboard Compatibility: Mini-ITX (170mm x 170mm) Expansion Slots: 1 Dimensions(L x W x H): 8.19' x 7.60' x 11.02' Features: Lian Li Fine Craftmanship Product Mini-Q PC-Q07 was manufactured in Taiwan. The quality and craftsmanship are high standard. In some process Lian Li still asserted in using hand craft to in certain steps in production. Because of some unique techniques canít be replace by machines and it is how much effort. SKU N82E16811112227 in the ATX Computer Cases category.
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